Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today will be short but sweet, or maybe sour.  Potentially a little of both.  I ate Mexican for lunch so maybe spicy.  Speaking of lunch (holy cow I am getting good at transitions...) today I went out with my Mom and Nana today for a little date with their son/grandson .  The location? Nana's favorite: Chilis.  It has turned into quite the fam tradition when I am home.  Go out to Chilis at an absurdly early time before it gets busy; order Nana her glass of wine (which eventually turns into two) and my mom her diet coke; get fajitas for the family with the sides of beans and rice; and make sure Nana gets drunk enough to pay a majority of the bill.  Once Nana fell after one of these functions after three glasses of wine (we went to "Village Tavern" that night, we don't go back there anymore) and broke her back.  She spent multiple months in surgeries and hospitals.  It was no good.  So we have to cut her off at two now.  Our conversations always consists of her telling us about her "glory days" as a recruiter in Boston.  While Nana is slightly delirious currently, I must give her credit.  She was a fox in her day.  She has an abundant amount of stories about men who wanted to marry her and how she had to beat them off with a stick.  These may or may not be true, but I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  The point of all this is to tell you that you should always respect your elders.  They may seem a little crazy at times, but they deserve the respect after all they have been through.  If I can live to 80 living the lifestyle I am currently doing, I'll be shoving it in your face too.

I also must give a shout out to Ms. Christine Alexis Terminello who is the reason for this blog.  After reading "A Cat's Meow" religiously for the last three years (or something like that) I have decided upon my fate as a blogger.  Any success I have comes from her.  She is also my one follower at the moment as I refuse to give anyone else my domain name.  But that is beside the point...

I am going to leave you as my wait to resume the movie I was watching is over.  (you know if you watch 72 minutes of video on megavideo you have to wait 30 minutes before you can continue...) The  conclusion of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is far superior to giving you worthless insight into my life.  But don't worry, I wouldn't leave you without today's quote,

"When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it. "

-From Into the Wild, which I will probably make remarks about after my camping trip later this week.

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