Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 1: "The Beginning" 5/12/2011

For whatever reason, I have taken it upon myself to blog this summer.  Maybe it is due to my recent infatuation with the "archie" and "artsy" culture.  Maybe it is due to my passion for deep, intellectual conversations that has always been present.  Maybe it is the next step after twitter.  Maybe it is just a typical phase of a college student.  Whatever the reason, I am here.

Being new to this, it may take me sometime to develop into a "blogger," but I will try to make the learning curve as short as possible.  With this blog, I hope to capture a few of the things that go on in both my life and my mind.  I think at a thousand thoughts a second at times, which make it difficult.  At other times though, there is not a single thought going through my head.  All I ask is that you stick with me, and maybe you'll pick up on something you wouldn't normally know about me.

My Day:

Today was the first day of summer.  The beginning of my journey.  My goal? Write something every day this summer.  This will prove to be quite difficult and I can only assume wildly unsuccessful, but I plan on trying.  I have already encountered a roadblock: the blogger website is down and I cannot create an account.  I have tried multiple times tonight and have yet to be able to do anything.  So here I am, writing in WordPad until I can put this online.  But I digress...

Today I woke up with a slight hangover, but nothing a tall glass of water and a shower couldn't cure.  I got lunch with the girl I am currently pursuing, but did not have the balls to tell her I was into her.  Why you ask? If you know me this is not usually a problem.  Well considering I was heading home today and may only see her a few times this summer, it wasn't worth it.  But there is still a strong chance I'll regret this.  Have no fear, next semester I am pursing.  (Unless my "soulmate" which you may hear about in a later blog finally discovers that I am her soulmate as well...)  I slowly packed my things into my car and took care of a few errands.  Unfortunately, one of these errands was saying goodbye to my Big, who is graduating.  Of all the seniors graduating, he is the one I will miss the most.  I must thank him for all the family dinners, all the bottles of wine I always forgot to pay him back for, all the sake house monday and power lunch invitations, and all the great times at 1300 D.  Easily has had one of the biggest impacts on me while at Tech, and someone I inspire to be like.  If my little thinks I'm half as cool as I think my big is, I'll consider it a success.  I don't want to get too sentimental on you, (not that there is anyone reading...) so I'll move on. 

I hopped in my 1986 Pontiac Parisienne (which deserves a blog on it's own...) and as Old Crow Medicine Show would put it: "Headed down south to the land of the pines
And I'm thumbin' my way into North Caroline"  Despite only being able to go 45 mph up the hills, I made it home without any burnouts or overheatings.  It was great seeing my mom, as always.  It was not great lugging all my shit up the stairs, but I guess it is my fault for having so much shit in the first place.  Mom and I went out to Qdoba for dinner and this extremely hot girl was working there.  Too bad when I am home, I never know how old the girls are, unlike college.  Not trying to get any charges.  That and she had some strange nose piercing which took away from her otherwise stunning appearance.  She made a damn good chicken queso burrito too.  New soulmate? More than likely not.

And now here I am.  My damn roommate took home the wrong power chord to the laptop so I have to use our desktop for a few days.  I hope this doesn't run my creative juices.  I feel like I have written a lot so I think I am going to conclude this blog post with a daily quote that I like and try to embrace:

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life"

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  1. hahahhaha dane this is too great!! you still need a cool background...and you need to become a follower of the CAT's meow. but other than that, A+!!! can't wait to read more