Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 2 is always the hardest

Well, I've made it this far on my journey.  Day two of my multi-month adventure of blogging each day.  Being a typical summer day, I can't say anything too incredulous occurred, but I will try to occupy you through my words none-the-less.

Not being home for sometime, I had a large amount of errands to run with my mother.  One of which was getting her birthday/mother's day gift of an iPod shuffle.  Now is is no technology expert, but Even I think she can handle a device with only 5 buttons...  We met up with my cousin who is in town after just graduating from Auburn with a degree in Mechanical Engineering!  Quite impressive, I do have to give it to him.  Him and I decided to go on a run later that day since we had nothing to do which led to my adventure of the day.  We knew a storm was brewing when we headed out, but decided to risk it.  With about 400 meters to go, it starts torrential down-pouring.  The heavens opened up.  To me this was motivation,  I pushed myself so I could get the fuck out of the rain.  Even when I got back to the car, soaking wet, I still had to make it home.  I could not even see out of the window due to the grapefuit sized raindrops.  But alas, I made it home and enjoyed the remnants of my sandwich for dinner.

Another errand which brings me to my next point of conversation was getting my car inspected.  I have attached a picture of my car for viewing pleasure, and as you can see it has about as much personality as I do.  In case you cannot tell by picture alone, it is a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne.  The definition of luxury.  In 1986...  Now this car has been through a lot.  I received it from my cousin Beth, who graduated Virginia Tech in 2006.  If it could survive over 4 years with her, it is my hope it can make it a couple with me.  While a majority of the dents are from her, I will have to admit that the reason there is no front grill is due to me.  I was driving home from school back in high school and due to a culmination of rain, bad brakes, and poor reflexes I ran into a black woman (well her SUV at least..)  Have no fear, it still runs like a stallion. (if a stallion were to lose it's legs in a tragic accident)  But what it lacks in ability to make it up hills, it makes up for in personality.  It used to have a clothes hangar for an antenna, until someone stole it. (if you have any information about this please call your local police station immediately)  It has couches for seats, which are extremely comfortable and a wonderful purple/red velvet in color.  The trunk is large enough to fit multiple dead bodies, and the back seat is large enough to host a small family.  Oh, and upon giving me the car, my cousin (a DZ at tech before they were eradicated, and a stereotypical one at that) informed me that she has had sex in the backseat many-a-time.  Thanks Beth!  It is know to billow out smoke from time to time and you can certainly hear it coming a mile a way due to the loud screaching noise it makes when the steering wheel is used...  If you want a ride it in, just give me a call.  Apologies ahead of time if I make you pay for gas though, as it gets approximately 4 Gallons per Mile (not Miles per Gallon).

I have rambled for much too long tonight and I am about to go out for the night.  I am going to close you with my quote to live by for the day::

"Think it.
Feel it.
Do it."

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