Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

First of all I must apologize.  Technically, since this post is going out past midnight, I have missed a day.   This may discredit my whole project, but I promise this blog post will only consist of items from Sunday, May 15th 2011.

Today was indeed a Lazy Sunday, if only it was as epic as this one...  I decided to sneak into the YMCA, where I used to work as a lifeguard to hit the gym.  As much as a girl it may make me sound, I love going to the exercise class "BodyPump."  It is an hour of asskicking.  I am still sore from the workout I did in the afternoon.  But it brings me to the topic of discussion for today, perseverance/pushing through challenges

We all have our battles in life.  And not just the big ones.  Each day provides us with many challenges we must overcome.  Some are as simple as completing our homework on time or getting through an hour-long BodyPump class.  Others can consume us, such as making as much money as possible (talking to you, people in the real world).  No matter what the challenge is that we are facing, we must persevere if we are to overcome it.  There are a couple things that may help you in your journey, or they may just be bullshit.  You decide.

First, it is extremely important that you always have the end goal in your mind.  Setting goals is the best way to keep oneself on track and to avoid straying off the road.  If you have a defined problem or finish line to reach, you will be more motivated to complete it.  Once you have your goal or challenge, you must develop the proper attitude to achieve it.  Attitude will always get your farther (or hold you back more) than aptitude.  In my opinion, jobs and colleges should have attitude tests instead of aptitude tests (such as the SAT).  I am going to jump the gun here, but my daily quote of the day is, "A positive attitude is the number one key to success."  This is my all time favorite quote, and not just because I made it up (even though the idea has clearly been around a lot longer and I'm sure someone has said it before).  I always try to keep a positive outlook on life, because I find it much easier to get over the challenges that I am consistently faced with.  There are so many things that try to bring you down, and they will succeed if you do not have the right attitude.  My friend and I are very similar, except for one point: he always sees the negative in things where as I always see the positive.  He will admit, that doing so has held him back in multiple circumstances.  While I can say the same about seeing the positive in others, overall it is a character trait I recommend. In conclusion, you will have a much easier time reaching your goals and overcoming your challenges with a positive attitude, as it shrinks the obstacles and will allow others to embrace you and help you more easily.

Since I already spoiled you with the daily quote, I would hate to leave you with nothing.  Therefore, I will leave you with my favorite TFM of the day:

"Putting the rage in underage drinking. TFM.

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