Sunday, May 22, 2011

"The Move" Saturday, May 21, 2011

                First off, I must apologize (I feel like I do this a lot).  1.  I will not be able to upload this until tomorrow because I have moved in to my apartment for the summer and there is no internet, except in the clubhouse.  2. I am drunk, which may cause me to be unable to complete my thoughts.
                Today was a big day for me.  I drove from Blacksburg  (where I spent the night to say hey to some people and collect my things) to McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania to move in to my townhome for the summer where I will be an Industrial Engineering Intern for Oshkosh.  What exactly I will be doing this summer is yet to be determined, but that is what future blogs are for.  Today is more focused on the journey.  I headed on my expedition up I-81 N for about 4 and a half hours only to reach the middle of nowhere.  I am literally in Bum-Fuck Egypt.  Upon arriving, my roommate and I tried to find a grocery store to get some food.  It took us 20 minutes of driving country backroads only to arrive at this small market with a 16 year old working there.  We decided it was best to trek out to Walmart, which took us across two state lines.  We stocked up on groceries, which will hopefully last us some time, as I do not wish to make that 30 minute voyage again soon.  After this long day, we were able to settle down and enjoy a few beers.
                As the sun began to set, we began the second task of the night: finding our fellow interns.  We headed out on a 15 minute walk to another person’s apartment to hang out.  After getting lost a time or two, we finally made it.  I was nervous, as these were the gentlemen I would be spending the rest of the summer with.  But I was happy to find out they were all cool dudes.  We hung out and drank a few beers and got excited for what this summer had to offer.
                And here is where I get deep, as I so often do.  This summer is going to provide me with so many challenges.  I must overcome living in a new place with a new person in a new environment.  But I am excited.  When asked how I felt about relocation during my interview for this internship, I told him I would be excited to experience a life in somewhere new.  While I am very nervous, this still holds true.  I personally think that we should all take the opportunity to try something completely new when given the opportunity.  There is so much out there for life to offer, but sometime it requires a little risk to achieve it.  The payoff can be very large and definitely worth it.  My freshman year, I went to Virginia Tech not knowing anyone.  I wanted to try something new, so when I was handed a flyer for the Club Rowing Team I decided to go for it.  I went to a meeting that night and the next morning I was up at 6 am doing a workout.  A few days later I was on a boat out in the middle of Claytor Lake.  I rowed my whole freshman year and it provided me some of the best times I’ve had in college, I met some great friends that I have continued to keep up with, and it got me in great shape.  I had never rowed before and never even thought about rowing before but the open mindset that I had allowed me to experience something I never would have otherwise.  College is all about growing as a person, and the best way to do so is by challenging yourself to do something you never thought you would have.
As I leave you I must admit something.  I fell asleep writing this blog post last night.  I was very drunk and when I am in such a state it causes me to be tired.  I was able to almost finish it last night, but some of it was from the next morning.  It is not easy trying to write something every day, so give me a break…   Today’s quote to live by is by Julia Cameron, and  I think it sums up what I was drunkenly trying to say, 
"Leap and the net will appear."

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