Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

I am writing to you today from lovely Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.  And this guy to the right of me is reading everything I'm typing.  Oh look at that, he just looked away.  Today marks the beginning of a journey to Oregon to see my half-sister graduate high school.  Ah Oregon, land of hipsters, trees, and crystal meth.  I've never been up there despite a large amount of family in the area.  I've never been a fan of the place, but we'll see if that changes.  I do not know if ill be able to blog the next few days while I'm out there, but you bet I'll try.

Today was a nice day as I got to hang out at home before heading to the airport.  My birthday is tomorrow, so my mom wanted to take me out to lunch as I'll be in Oregon for the big (really not big at all considering I'm turning 20) day.  Among the errands we ran included going to the Verizon store.  I have a month to keep my discount if I want to get a new phone.  I love my Blackberry, but everyone is leaving the blackberry world so BBM is becoming less exciting.  If anyone has any recommendations for good phones to get, please let me know.  I'm thinking of joining the droid world.  I packed my bags (didn't spend enough time doing that, you'll see in minute) and was out the door.  As always, my mom yelled at me for driving too fast (I'M ONLY GOING 6 OVER MOM!!! haha) but we made it here eventually.  Had no problems until I arrived at security.  This other hot girl and I got screened (who complained as she always got screened, what do you expect hun? If you were some middle-aged, male security guard would you pat down you or some 300 pound woman?).  And then they alerted me that my 16 oz. water bottle filled with bourbon could not go through (kinda forgot about that).  Oh, well that is fine, it was my bad for forgetting.  And then they said they found a swiss army knife in my backpack.  So there is is!  I lost that thing months ago, turns out it was deep in some pocket.  I thought it was a goner, but luckily they said I could mail it to myself for a nominal fee.  That is my first and favorite knife so I suppose it was worth it.  Maybe next time I'll spend more than 5 minutes packing my backpack to travel.  Made it regardless.  And there is this preshtown rescue dog waiting to board as well, I want one.  It even has the little vest that says rescue dog.  The guy with it said, "she's lasted longer than 5 girlfriends." haha, like him already.

A pet peeve that I have is how everyone runs to the gate to board onto the plane.  What's the rush people!?  You are about to sit on that plane with nothing to do for 5 hours, why do you want to get on so early.  There is wifi and cinnabun outside, I see no rush.  I will probably be the last one to blog to give myself time to finish this blog.  Another observation is how many different type of people there are.  People-watching is one of my favorite hobbies, as it is truly interesting to me to see how different backgrounds change people.  Like in my view now is a guy covered in tattoos and looks like he is on crack, an extremely nicely dressed woman who is probably a divorcee as there is no ring on her finger, a stereotypical tourist couple, a hipster with a guitar, a typical American family ready to go on what seems to be a family vacation, an old couple whom seem very content (the grandpa is about to fall asleep though), a middle-eastern man who probably had more trouble than me getting through security, a typical suited-up business man with this smartphone device, an extremely casually dressed woman (sweatsuit in the middle of summer...) who is probably in her midlife crisis, an old man wearing sunglasses indoors, a man who is probably in his 30's who is wearing paisley pants and a golf shirt who I saw checking in his clubs at the front desk (future me?), and then myself, a 19 year old (almost 20!) tech-savvy, male, college student who probably thinks he is much cooler than he actually is (oh man, I got so caught up in guessing about other people that I did it to myself).  Now maybe it is wrong that I judged all these people, but it is just something I do to get myself by.  I have no problem with any of these people, and I am probably wrong in many cases.  I just find it interesting how many different people walk this world.  The guy next to me just commented on how it aggravates him how everyone is so impatient and huddles around the gate.  YES, I love that guy. haha

I must go though, as it is time for me to board.  More like bored.  Oh Dane, you're so creative with your one-liners.  Next time I blog, I'll be in Oregon (and no longer a teenager)!  Here's the quote of the day,

"Trust your intuitive heart." - Richard Carlson

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