Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catch up

Ok, so I let you down.  And worse than letting you down, I let myself.  I just lost all motivation to blog lately.  And it is not that I lost motivation really, I've just had nothing to write about.  I have gotten in such a rhythm with work that it feels like nothing exciting is going on worth blogging about.  Every morning my alarm goes off at 5:05 AM.  Hit the snooze and get out of bed at 5:15.  Go take a shower, get dressed, and then eat breakfast while watching the Washington morning news.  I make my lunch for the day and then I am out the door, either to drive or get driven by my friend.  Get to work, check my email and try to wake up for about 30 minutes.  I finally get started on my work and work until lunch.  I tend to slack off a little bit right before lunch, but that is fairly normal.  I either eat with some friends during the production lunch, or stay with the guys I am working with and eat in the conference room.  Every once and a while I luck out and have a "Lunch N Learn," like today for example, where we get paid (instead of taking off for lunch) to eat free food and listen to usually interesting talks.  Today's was about different generations in the work place and how to deal with them.  We are generation Y, and we are all tech savvy and think we know it all.  Some points were very true, but others not so much.  Not all of us think we are the shit.  I try to act very humble when I am at work because I understand that I don't know shit compared to just about everyone at this place. 

After lunch I can usually get a solid amount of work done and I leave around 3 or 4.  Head home, change, and dick around for a little while.  I will either go on a run or just do nothing.  I make lunch around 5 or 6, which is something I have grown to truly enjoy.  I love finding new recipes and trying new things.  I am fairly cheap though, which limits my options.  7 rolls around and we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  Always the highlight of my day.  I will either stay there to watch a little more TV or just head home and hang out until I go to bed (usually around 10.  Pathetic, I know).  I wake up the next morning and do it again!

I am not happy to say that I am in this vibe.  I am someone that always likes exciting things to happen to him and I get bored with even a little monotony.   It was nice today because I picked up another project for me to work on, which will allow me to break free from doing the same thing the whole day.  But still, I need to find more things to do to spice up my life.  There is nothing wrong with having a rhythm, as a matter of fact it is a good thing, but it is always nice to keep things exciting by trying and doing new things.  So I will be brainstorming new ideas and please help me if you can think of anything.  This weekend, I am going to my roommates for a golf tournament.  It is more of a "get drunk and play a little golf" tournament, but I suppose a tournament none-the-less.  For some reason, I am not that excited about it, but I'm sure it'll be fun.  We went to the range and I was hitting the balls pretty nicely and then I won a bet when we had a closest to the pin contest with my roommate (he owes me a beer) so maybe I wont do half bad.  That is subject to change when I get hammered though...

Well folks, it will probably be a few days before I talk to you again so please hang in there.  I know not having daily updates in my life to read everyday will just totally mess up your daily rhythm, but as the post says, maybe that isn't a bad thing.  Here's the quote.  Enjoy!

"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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