Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Yeah, so I kinda forgot to write yesterday.  And all of today until now.  Whoops.  Yesterday consisted of a somewhat lazy day.  Hung out around the townhome for a majority of the day.  Hung out at the pool, etc.  The night was quite a crazy one, as the other interns and I went out for some pizza and drinks in Hagerstown, MD (the only decent sized city around) and then came back and drank at the apartment.  I haven't gotten that drunk in a long time, phenomenal time.  After a long week of work, a weekend where you do nothing is appreciated.  While Jagerbombs are almost always a good idea and I could never regret drinking them, they made this morning a little painful. 

Remembered about this cool website called  Essentially it gives you one word and you write for a minute about it.  Then you can see what others wrote and what not.  Used to do it in class all the time.  Great time waster.  I am substituting this in for the deep section.  I did today's word and attached it.


"Oh plaid.  Plaid shirts remind me of hipsters.  Gotta love hipsters.  Which reminds me of my friend steve who is a wanna be hipster.  Oh and it reminds me of forestry majors like my roommate from last year.  Plaid just wishes it were as cool as madras or seersucker.  ahh out of time!!!"

haha that was weak.  it is a lot harder than it looks!  I've got to go though, got a big date tonight.  Enjoy the quote of the day!

"You get what anybody gets - you get a lifetime. — Neil Gaiman"

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