Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Festivities

Today marks the 20th anniversary of me coming out of my momma's belly (C-section to be exact, I was a bitch to my mom).  Oh who doesn't love birthdays? Gifts, nice dinners, and those once-yearly facebook comments from those people you never talk to.  How did I spend my special day? Let me walk you through it...

Woke up, and as you may or may not know, I am in Oregon for my sister's graduation.  I spent the night at my Grandma's sister's place (great cousin?) in a suburb of Portland.  I was very skeptical coming into Oregon, due to my narrow view, but this place is actually pretty cool.  It is very green and Portland is a very cool city.  I can't wait to check it out more.  We got ready and as soon as my Dad arrived, we headed out.  We drove around the city looking at the places where my grandma grew up.  Everywhere used to be farmland, but now has developed into suburbia neighborhoods.  We had a nice lunch at a very cool, authentic, German sausage place which probably doubled my blood pressure and then we headed off to the mall.  Grandma said she would get me some clothes for my birthday so I got a cool shirt and a pair of jeans.  Headed back to hang out and then my Dad and I peaced out.  We stopped by costco to get me a pair of sunglasses for my birthday, and then to his cousins place where we will be staying for the weekend.

This place is incredible, truly the life I want to live when I grow up.  Which is funny, because Scott, I guess my Dad's cousin-in-law, is doing pretty much the same thing I want to do after I graduate.  Maybe there is a future for me after-all.  He graduated from Stanford, so he's obviously a smart cookie though.  They live on a lake, not too far from Portland.  Beautiful house in a great neighborhood.  We took the paddleboards out, which for you East-Coasters are big surfboards that you stand up on and cruise around using an oar.  I've seen guys do it everytime I go out to visit my Dad, but never did it before.  I was a natural.  I added it to my life goals to paddleboard across a bit, notorious body of water, not sure which one yet.  We had a lovely dinner and relaxed around outside (apparently this was one of 4 days of sunshine oregon has gotten this year, no joke).  My grandpa is notorious for drinking too much wine, and he slipped and fell and hurt his head.  He had to go to the hospital to get stitches, but he will be ok.  I just hope I know how to control my drinking (and any other bad habit) when I am older.  They got me a birthday cake, in which I had two pieces (hell you only turn 20 once), and then it was time for bed. 

I sit here in this four post bed exhausted due to the time change.  Sure it wasn't the craziest birthday I have ever had, but it meant more to me to spend this time with my family than getting hammered at my apartment.  Never forget the importance of your family in your life.  Especially those that are older, because they will not always be around.  My grandpa who fell will not always be lucky and I have realized how much I should cherish him.  So go out of your way to call your family members and see how they are doing, ask them if they want to go to lunch or have them over for dinner, be the loving grandson they think you are.  Your family is your roots, and the reason you are here today, so give them the respect they deserve.  Without them, you wouldn't exist, so I say that is enough to warrant a phone call.  I am going to leave you with a quote from someone who is genious enough to make LOTR, so I suppose they are smart enough to make a quote as well.

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien

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