Thursday, July 7, 2011


I'm not gonna lie.  I completely forgot I had a blog all this week.  I was going to update this after I got home on Monday from my long weekend trip but I was far too tired.  So i'll try to get you up to date on my life (if anyone is still reading haha).

This last weekend I went down to Blacksburg for the long weekend.  I got out of work as soon as I could on Friday and headed down 81 to arrive just in time to drink.  A chill night with my roommate for next year was just what I needed after a long day on the job.  I made it past 9:30 for once, but definitely didn't make it until midnight.  Got up the next morning and was super stoked when my best friends from home got up to Tech.  For lunch I was confronted with the choice of either a "thanksgiving sandwich" or an "italian sub" and rightly chose thanksgiving.  So if you ever have the choice, go with the thanksgiving sandwich.  It was clutch.  Next, us three and a few others went to the river for the day.  We spent much of the day just laying in innertubes and floating down the river.  Saw a few familiar faces and got quite the tan.  Thanks to a 30 pack for only $12 of shitty Genese beer, I don't remember all of the night.  But had something to do with getting iced, playing cards, and something to do with the fraternity house.  Hmm, good night none-the-less.

Woke up next day feeling like I just drank double digits shitty beer for some reason and spent a few hours playing Top-Spin Tennis.  Spent the afternoon playing golf at the local course and had some good quality time with the bros.  Didn't play that well, but seeing everyone more than made up for it.  We met up with some friends for a lovely dinner downtown.  I somehow convinced my friends to stay an extra night and we went to the house for a little pregame action.  Arriving there, we realized everyone is just watching movies so we headed straight to the party.  We didn't know but a few people there, but still had a good time.  Headed back home and then "picked up a package" and went to bed.

Monday was a rough morning not because of a hangover, but because I knew I had to go home.  Saying goodbye to my buds was tough because I know I won't get to see them for a little while.  I did nothing for a majority of the day and actually fell asleep watching a documentary called Beavers, Nature's Engineers."  Not that the movie wasn't exciting, I was just tuckered out after a great weekend.  I finally got myself up and headed back home just in time for bed.

This week hasn't really been that exciting other than a few points.  I got to go up in both a 135 and 150 foot boom lifts.  The 150 foot lift is the highest in the market.  It is amazing being that far up in the air only being held up by a single boom.  You can see around the whole plant and city (which I suppose isn't really saying much).  Even cooler was when the guy let me drive one around a parking lot.  Despite being three times the side of a car, it isn't that difficult to drive (or im just that awesome).  Today we got to tour another plant, which was cool seeing things from another perspective, but the week was rather bland other than that.


This weekend I plan on staying in Mercersburg just to relax and catch up on my reading.  So if anyone wants to see this exciting city let me know! haha.  Maybe I'll even be able to blog with my spare time.

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